Nationally, home care is covered by only 1 percent.

pIn the first to 3 per cent. Of the latter). For example, farmers in the figure is 10 per cent., And among families with at least three children – 6 percent. The average annual net income per household in emeryckim is 18.5 thousand. zł, and in households of employees less than 21 thousand. Retirees are therefore lower average disposable income than employees, but the vast majority of them do not have eg./p
p Pay installments for the apartment, because live in dwellings unloaded hipoteką.Tandetny ownership plan PiS. It’s not cheap populism, but precious promises It should also be remembered that the situation of current retirees is better than what awaits today working. The average pension in 2017 was. 60 percent. average salary, meanwhile, according to the OECD current employees can count on the amount of the replacement order of 39 percent. earnings. Today we spend 12 percent on pensions. GDP, which is almost the same as the average EU (13 percent.), But we still have one of the youngest populations in the EU (15 per cent. Of Poles are people over 65 years of age, while the EU average is 20 percent.)./p
p Absolutely I do not want to say that pensioners in Poland have a great time. Just the average income situation does not justify an ekstraordynaryjnego benefit, because it does not respond to any urgent problem społeczny.Minimum Thirteenth below the minimum pension will cost the social security system approx. 7 billion zł. Since the state budget pays for Social Security Fund, it!–more– can be assumed that the expenditure is directly charged state money. For these 7 billion zł could effectively help to pensioners, though less effectively. Many seniors receive a minimum pension, and this number will increase in the coming years. The situation of this group is really bad./p
p Minimum pension in 2019. K is 1.1. zł gross (zł an increase of 70 compared to 2018.), ie 935 zł net. Meanwhile, the social minimum for a single farm emeryckiego reached in December 2017. 1132 zł, 200 zł or more. They retired to the provision of a minimum so live below subsistence. If PiS would actually help the most needy seniors, would raise the lowest pension to the minimum subsistence level, to approx. 1300 zł./p
p Thanks to their situation actually improved – much more expensive in the thirteenth annual pension to help them definitely mniej.Chichot demographics. The extension 500 plus a plan for electoral weapon excellent [FEUILLETON] In Poland in poor condition are also nursing services for the elderly. From the findings of NIK shows that every fifth municipality does not provide care for older people in the residence, though it should be their responsibility. Nationally, home care is covered by only 1 percent. people over the age of 60 years. It is extremely difficult to get to the day care homes – it runs only every tenth municipality. Decrepit elderly non offspring wanting or having the time to deal with them, they are left to themselves./p
p Although the government launched the program Care 75+, which subsidizes half of the municipal care services for persons over 75 years of age, but it remains in rudimentary form. It is worth 57 million zł, a drop in the ocean, and is directed only to the municipalities of less than 60 thousand. residents. Meanwhile, also in the larger cities to find care for seniors can be very difficult, and a place in a nursing home can wait latami.zobacz also been growing pensions. Lowest to 1100 zł »How to choose a financial institution which will implement and guide the company PPK? »Expanding the level of funding (eg. To 75 per cent.), And to extend this program, all municipalities in Poland would help pensioners more than thirteen and a fraction of the cost of 7 billion zł.Emeryci the greatest benefit from medical care./p
p Polish health service is one of the least subsidized in the developed world and PiS does not burn to change the status quo. In 2017. On the public health service we devoted 4.6 percent. Of GDP, and the Czechs – 5.8 percent., And Germany – 9.6 percent. It is primarily by the low level of funding formed massive queues to specialists, and the least power wards are in terrible condition – from the head of geriatrics. But for the elderly waiting time for visits or operations it is much more important than for young people./p
p If the government supported the NHF 7 billion zł, we would approach the level of 5 percent. GDP expenditure on health care and at least part of the queue could be shortened. In addition, part of this amount could be reserved for geriatric departments. Redistribution Redistribution of the head is one of the most important tasks of a civilized state. However, such activities must be made with the head./p
p First, because taking money for one purpose that makes missing in the other. Secondly, because reckless solutions can ridicule the very idea of ​​redistribution, making it difficult to introduce prosocjalnych solutions in the future. DGP magazine dated 1 March 2019. Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna Scandinavians managed to create efficient welfare state, because every solution there is thoroughly analyzed from the perspective of effectiveness – it would be good if Polish creators of variety of the welfare state also guided by the principle of SIA. Thirteenth-thought redistribution of pension unfortunately has nothing to do./p
p An ordinary pre-election ploy, and it’s still the most insolent release. Perishable both social policy and policy in general. May ranking of savings accounts has brought few surprises. The largest of these is the multiplication of the banks involved in the first position in the ranking – there are – attention – as many as five. The second surprise is a special savings account offer of Bank Millennium developed for the new personal account holders – Accounts 360º. One more, and at the last, the number of accounts that were in zestawieniu.Porównaj online savings accounts and replace onlineEksperci as compared monthly account, which has accumulated 10 000 zł./p
p The position that the bank took in the ranking decided the interest rate on funds entrusted, and consequently – the amount of interest paid up to the provisioning charge kapitału.Ranking savings accounts in the amount of 10 000 zł – May 2014 Pos. Bank / account name online application Nominal interest rate Interest on the month (after tax) Interest in the year (after tax) 1BGŻOptima Account OszczędnościoweSzczegóły konta3,50% (NS) 24.08 zł 287.22 złBNP Paribas Bank Account Polish Well OszczędnościoweSzczegóły konta3,50% (K) 287.22 24.08 zł złBank Millennium account OszczędnościoweSprawdź konto3,50% (K) (NS) 24.08 287.22 zł złBank Post Post account OszczędnościoweSzczegóły konta3,50 24.08% 287.22 zł złBossaBank EkoprofitSzczegóły konta3 50% (Q) 287.22 24.08 zł zł2Citi Trade Account SuperOszczędnościoweSprawdź konto3,03 20.63% 248.18 zł zł3Alior Bank Account OszczędnościoweSprawdź konto3,00% (NK) 22.63 245.68 zł złBank BGZ account of zyskiemSzczegóły konta3,00% (K) (NS) 22.63 zł 245.68 złDeutsche Bank of Poland db Savings Account 24HSprawdź konto3,00% (K) 22.63 24 zł 5.68 złFM Bank Account OszczędnościoweSzczegóły konta3,00 22.63% 245.68 zł Zling Silesia Open Account Bank OszczędnościoweSprawdź konto3,00% (NK) cells (NS) 22.63 245.68 zł złMeritum Bank Account OszczędnościoweSzczegóły konta3,00 22% , 63 zł 245.68 zł4BOŚ Bank savings Account More for Less Details konta2,75% 18,31 zł 225.06 zł5eurobank savings account PROgresSzczegóły konta2,65% 17.64 216.78 zł zł6Idea Bank Account OszczędnościoweSzczegóły konta2,50% 16,65 zł 204.39 zł7T-Mobile Banking Account OszczędnościoweSzczegóły konta2,32% 15,89 zł 189.52 zł8Getin Bank Account OszczędnościoweSprawdź konto2,31% 15,89 zł 188.71 zł9BOŚ Bank EkoprofitSzczegóły konta2,25 15.47% zł 183.76 złGetin Online Account oszczędnościoweSprawdź konto2,25% 15.47 183.76 zł zł10Plus Bank savings Account Penny detail: Oly konta2,10% 14.45 zł 171.43 zł As at 12 May 2014. (K) – required to have a personal account (NK) cells – offer for new clients (NS) – offer for new środkówJak wrote above, the first spot rankings were as many as five products: BGŻOptima savings account, savings account Well BNP Paribas Bank Poland, Postal savings account Bank Postal savings Bank Millennium account and the account offered by Ekoprofit BossaBank, savings and investment platform BOS Bank and brokerage house DM BOS. The interest rate on each of them is 3.5% per annum. After a month, they will bring their holders an interest of 24.08 zł. After 12 months, the amount credited to share capital will increase to 287.22 zł.Konto Bank Millennium is also available in a version with a higher interest rate – 4% per annum for new measures to 25 000 zł. Higher interest rate is offered to customers who have or will set up a new personal account – Account 360º./p
p Other clients the bank proposes a coupon rate of 3.5% per annum (for new measures to 25 000 zł). The interest rate for the surplus over 25 000 zł 50 000 zł is 3.5% per annum (for holders of accounts 360º) and 3.3% (for other clients) and for the surplus over 50 000 zł – 3.1% (regardless of type of account held by the customer). Promotional interest rate is valid for 92 days for new funds paid to 21 June włącznie.Na second position (fourth) promoted Account SuperOszczędnościowe Citi Handlowy. Its coupon rate of 3.03% per annum will provide the person on the saving interest rate of 20,17 zł (after a month) and 248.21 zł (after one year). Lead the statement closes … as many as six savings accounts./p
p Among them are tender Alior Bank BGZ Bank, Deutsche Bank Poland, FM Bank, ING Bank and Bank Meritum. It is worth noting that almost all of these proposals (except for Alior Bank) in April were outside headlamp rankings (fifth place). The interest rate on our silver medalists of 3% per annum. This translates into interest, which after a month and amount to 20.63 zł after twelve months – 245.68 zł.zobacz also rank term deposits: The market continues to be favorable offer »Here are the cheapest mortgages on the market. Check out our ranking of There is no money for a new car? See where you get the cheapest car loan »Need cash? Check the latest ranking of credits and loans »Award for attendance in this month fell BOS Bank, which in our statement placed the three products: two accounts Ekoprofit (the one sold under the brand name BossaBank) and Savings Account More for less .Porównaj online more than 30 savings accounts in the May ranking of savings accounts we are dealing with quite an interesting situation./p
p On the one hand lifting Bank Millennium (compared to the previous month) interest rate on your savings account by 0.7 percentage point (for holders of accounts 360º) and by 0.2 percentage point (for other clients), and Bank BGZ, which customers using electronic statements offers a higher interest rate by 1 percentage point from the promotional interest rate, on the other – Alior Bank. In the case of the latter had to deal with the reduction of interest rates – and by 0.25 percentage point. This makes the already wondering what the June ranking of personal accounts. The answer will be announced in a month. Problems filling in a tax return not only cause the same calculation and form./p
p 1. What are the deadlines for filing the taxpayer can cause PITKonfuzję have the same declaration periods, because they fall in 2016 on Saturday or Sunday. However, the Ministry of Finance has appointed a specific date for delivery of the PIT to the tax office. In 2016, the tax authorities must be cleared to 1 February 2016. (Legally – 31 January): PIT-16A (tax card) T-19A (clerics) T-28 (lump sum) 29 February 2016 r. (Statute – 28 February): T-40 (the employee) T-40A (ZUS for a beneficiary) Exceptionally, if the T-40 will be submitted in the form of a paper document, the deadline for drawing up and sending PIT-40, both the taxpayer and the tax office will It expires at the end of January of the year following the tax year – in 2016 it will be 1 February (statutory – January 31) .When the T-40 the employer shall draw on the basis of T-12, which the employee must file a 2016 to January 11 (Monday) – to the public on January 10. May 2, 2016 r. (Statute – April 30): T-36 (economic activity), PIT-36L (flat tax) T-37 (work and do not work) T-38 (securities or shares in companies), PIT-39 (real estate) 2. You do not get PIT pracodawcyNatomiast employee fills their tax return based on the T-11, containing information on income received in the previous year by an employee downloaded withholding income tax and contributions discharged on social and health insurance, and which issues a pracodawca.Jeżeli payer ( employer) decide on the form of paper, it has until the end of January to provide this document to the tax office. And again, 31 January 2016. Falls on a Sunday, so the deadline moves to 1 February 2016. However, for payers submitting a declaration to the tax office electronically, the deadline is 2016 February 29, as the date on which the statement PIT-border 11 to the taxpayer (employee)./p
p See also: Step by Step: See how to complete the PIT on the Internet »PIT 2015: What can be tax-deductible? »What do you want an employee who does not receive T-11 in time? If the reminder same employer are unsuccessful, the employee can tell about their problems Inland Revenue office or tax inspection with a request to intervene, and when the case goes to court, the company is punishable even in the amount of several thousand. Even if the taxpayer does not receive T-11 from the payer, he is obliged to settle accounts with the tax authorities and for that purpose alone to gather the data necessary to fill PIT. This can be achieved in the documents confirming the income tax year, including bank statements, monthly pay stubs, insurance documents drawn up by the payer for the purposes of the Social Insurance Institution. May also be useful forms ZUS RMUA whether a contract of employment itself./p
p If the taxpayer is unable to accurately determine the amount of income, should provide estimates. For more information, read here 3. What if the taxpayer is late with PITPodatnik himself must take care to fill PIT especially for that failure within the PIT penalty in a href= someone to do math homework/a the amount depending on the amount of unpaid tax. More about what threatens to delay the submission of the annual tax return, read here A person who fails to submit PIT date, it should do it as soon as possible after the specified period, without waiting for a call from the office to explain. Such a declaration will be valid, and the office has no right to refuse admission. Responsibility karnoskarbowej taxpayer may avoid expressing regret active, the notifying authority of the commission of an offense. How to express regret and active when it will be ineffective, you will find here 4. How to fill PIT internetSzansą by quickly submitting PIT is dealing with the tax office over the Internet./p
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