David Beckham Promoting Sands in Singapore and Macau

David Beckham Promoting Sands in Singapore and Macau

World-renowned retired soccer celebrity David Beckham (center) watches Manny Pacquiao battle Brandon Rios during the Venetian Macao in November. (Image: Reuters/Tyrone Siu)

It should be good to be therefore famous, so adored, that one can pretty much sell any such thing to anyone for any cost. And maybe not he needs the money with an estimated net worth of $300 million, but such is the situation for iconic retired soccer star and universally recognized hottie David Beckham a person that is therefore high in the celebrity galaxy which he and wife/former Spice Girl Victoria had been on the short list to wait Prince William’s wedding, after all.

Branding Sands

Now Beckham seemingly have carved a niche for himself as a sort of mercenary promoter for hire, and the latest taker is Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which is making use of Beckham’s charm, visual appearance and worldwide adoration to market their gambling enterprises both in Singapore and Macau.

While there’s no term on what sort of fee Beckham commands for this sort of thing which could include anything from being seated front and center at a Manny Pacquiao Brandon Rios fight at the Macau that is venetian to a Marina Bay Sands charity event in Singapore we can imagine he doesn’t work for cheap these days.

Beckham may not really have to do much but show up and get TV coverage, but for Sands, it’s nevertheless a deal that is good. The casino operator that is la Read more

Three English Soccer Players Suspended for Violation of Betting Rules

Three English Soccer Players Suspended for Violation of Betting Rules

Three soccer that is english happen fined and suspended for betting against FA policy (Image:CWSL)

The soccer Association (FA) England’s governing human body for soccer has made point of cracking down harshly on players and staff people who violate rules about betting on matches. Apparently, they’re willing to get very, really far down the league ladder to get and punish people who break those rules.

Betting Rule Breaches

The FA punished three players from AFC Hayes for admitting to multiple breaches of their rules that are betting. Each player was fined and suspended, with the punishments varying in line with the true number of bets produced by the players. According to reports, none of the players are accused of betting on matches played by AFC Hayes, but they certainly were wagering on games within leagues and competitions on which they were contending, which is against FA policy.

If you haven’t been aware of AFC Hayes, that’s okay: it doesn’t make you a bad soccer fan, as also many English fans have just heard the name in moving. The team plays way down in the Southern League Division One Central, a league composed of semi-professional and amateur squads in the tier that is eighth of soccer. The team’s greatest achievements in the past include winning the Spartan South Midlands League Premier Division South as soon as reaching the qualifying that is second of the FA Cup competition. Attendance in Read more

California Legislators Keep to Grapple with Gambling Options

California Legislators Keep to Grapple with Gambling Options

Ca lawmakers will mull several state bills that could affect both land and online gambling efforts this season (Image: Michael Macor, The Chronicle)

A new California gambling bill approved last week by the State Senate could up taxes and review regulatory procedures on the Golden State’s ever-expanding gaming industry. Introduced by Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco), SB 601 will go under the microscope of the gaming policy advisory committee comprised of both industry executives and members of the public, aided by the goal of determining perhaps the existing regulatory structures that are in place are aiding or abetting California’s current and future outlook that is economic.

Regulatory Review

Additionally, the panel will review the effect of their state’s numerous card clubs on both state and regional tax flows, also as on costs to both. Yee stated he is exploring the chance that more non-Indian gaming outfits could help improve California’s ever-struggling coffers to become fuller.

‘Despite the good news we’ve seen in budget projections, I think it certainly is worth evaluating new revenue sources for our state,’ noted Yee. Once the committee review is complete, the bill that is new move ahead towards the state Assembly for further assessment.

Needless to say, as Newton so sensibly noted, for every single action there’s a similar and reaction that is equal and nowhere does that hold truer than worldwide of gam Read more