The 15 Weirdest Uber Stories As Told Through Torontonians

The 15 Weirdest Uber Stories As Told Through Torontonians

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Uber motorists really view it all. You are seen by them when you are on your journey to operate, before a night out together, and blackout following the club. Unfortuntely, this will lead to some extremely, extremely embarrassing incounters, for the motorists plus the people.

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Most avid Uber users have experienced one or more encounter that is questionable and after asking a team of Torontonians for their craziest experiences, we now have put together this list.

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1. “I’m really an uber driver, and this tale would be told from a little bit of a various viewpoint. We acquired team of men and women after final call from a club on Adelaide. We all immediately pulled over to look at the damage as we pulled out onto Spadina another car hit my vehicle and. As we got away, one other driver started initially to attempt to conceal their license dish so it down for insurance that I would not be able to take. Read more