Where Have You Been Deciding On University? during the start of my senior 12 months

Where Have You Been Deciding On University? during the start of my senior 12 months I had been really conscious of the college process that is looming. Most people at my senior school went on to college so ‘where are you applying?’ was a common concern. At this time, I’d currently met having a couple college counselors, been on a trip towards the south and coast that is east visit schools and taken the SAT. You would think that have made me feel prepared, or like I comprehended just what the applying process and general purpose of university ended up being, but that was cannot be entirely true.

My moms and dads both have actually advanced level levels and I always knew college was a right part of my future. As outcome, i did son’t notice as any such thing that we possessed a selection in or ownership over. My moms and dads, really thoughtfully, decided where I attended elementary, middle and high school and so the sudden pressure of me having to consider of where to attend school, the decision that is biggest I’d make up to now ended up being overwhelming. We knew I needed out of California but beyond that knew little in regards to the operational differences between a sizable, private research college and a little, liberal arts university.

No concept was had by me of what We wished related to my life so building my college list, in retrospect, had been like tossing darts at a board. Some body would mention school, I’d possibly have heard of it, then we’d g Read more

No, seriously, what DO admission counselors do on the summer?

No, seriously, what DO admission counselors do on the summer?

We have talked a great deal about how precisely summer time is the season that is slowest in admission and exactly how essential it really is for people to relax. Contrary from what may be popular belief ( can you even think about us on the summer time!?), we do find approaches to keep ourselves busy throughout the summer season. From fabricated things like Chicken-Nugget-Offs and water container jousting to more important tasks like hosting high school counselors and developing a brand new means to track the greater than 700 university reasonable invitations, hardly ever are we just sitting around nothing that is doing.

This week that is past I happened to be in Reno at preparing meetings for next year’s professional seminar. When i obtained back again to any office we had been hosting senior high school counselors on a tour of Ca colleges and conducting interviews for new admission counselors to become listed on our team. Some schmoozing later https://casinopokies777.com/royalvegas-casino/, we tackled the duty of trying to discover a way that is good gather college reasonable invitations, have them to the territory managers and then monitor most of the reactions. This might sound simple but we can’t count exactly how many conversations I had attempting to troubleshoot an efficient solution. We really possessed a nightmare about the Excel spreadsheet we’ve been using. (Being a grown-up is quite exciting).

Our workplace continues on summer time excursi Read more

Ohio Man Sues Hollywood Casino for Giving Him Winnings in Cash

Ohio Man Sues Hollywood Casino for Giving Him Winnings in Cash

******Inside Columbus, Ohio’s Hollywood Casino******

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out who’s stupider: the thieves or the target they’ve robbed. The following tale might be considered a photo finish situation, however you decide.

Cash and Carry

It seems David that is 29-year-old Hayes a gambler at the Hollywood Casino Columbus, in Ohio, was lucky enough to win $35,800 on October 21, 2012; but that is where Hayes’ luck ended. In a lawsuit the Ohio man has since filed against the gambling operator, Hayes and another of his solicitors, Joseph Landusky, claim that the casino forced him to just take his winnings in the form of cash put against a check, and flashed their personal information to anyone waiting behind him in line, making him vulnerable to a subsequent home robbery once he returned to their house later that night.

The very fact that he left his straight back door open unlocked and accessible that night is but one return volley the casino is firing back at the guy within their legal reaction to his suit. Hayes claims two men that are armed his home, woke him, and demanded he give all 358 stacks of bound hundred-dollar bills before they took off without harming him.

Two of these rocket researchers then actually bragged about the robbery to acquaintances, and have since been arrested and currently await test; a man that is third whose connection to the robbery is unclear, is also being sought now.

Who’s at Read more